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Thu 09 Apr
17:00-19:00 | Aarhus University, Stakladen
The Futures Lecture Series with James C. Scott
"The Domestication of Fire, Animals, Grains and.......Us". Presentation by distinguished Yale Professor James C. Scott. Panel debate with AURA team members Nils Bubandt, Jens-Christian Svenning and Heather Swanson.
Wed 04 Mar
14:15-16:00 | Moesgaard, Aud 1 (4206-117)
Medicine and Animal in the Anthropocene
Academic Hour presents post.doc Natasha Fiijn from the Australian National University
Wed 29 Oct
12:00-14:00 | Building 1412, room 329.
Kenneth R. Olwig Lecture
Professor in Landscape Planning Kenneth R. Olwig will be giving a talk in Aarhus on October 20.
Mon 27 Oct
13:00-16:00 | Moesgård Museum, Moesgård Alle 15, 8270 Højbjerg, Conference room 301.
Lecture by Noboru Ishikawa: Anthropogenic Tropical Forests: Human-Nature Interactions of the Riverine Societies in Sarawak, Malaysia
Professor of Social Anthropology at Center for Southeast Asian Studies Kyoto University Noboru Ishikawa will be giving a lecture on his work on human-nature interactions.
Fri 27 Jun
09:30-21:30 | Alsion SDU Campus, Auditorium U109, Sønderborg, Denmark
“Critical technology trends and what they mean for us"
An interdisciplinary workshop seeking to make sense of our rapidly changing world.
Fri 29 Nov
18:30-21:30 | I/S Damgaard Bed and Breakfast, Fasterholtvej 13, 7361 Ejstrupholm.
Methods Workshop 2
"The use of natural history in anthropological field work" and “Animal life in acid water”

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