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Moving Plants (2017)

Moving Plants: Exhibition at Rønnebæksholm

Plants move: they move things and people, and they are themselves being moved around. While plants are often treated as mere backdrop for human activity and existence, still more artists and researchers across the world now insist that plants are amongst our most important earthly co-inhabitants if we are to thrive and survive in a climatically changing world. Moving Plants is an exhibition that centres on plants as a focal point for making local and global connections between aesthetic engagements with ecological issues and practices of concern. 

The exhibition is curated by Line Marie Thorsen who is an affilated AURA PhD student. See more about the exhibition here

Participating artists: Koichi Watanabe, Iwatani Yukiko, Camilla Berner, Lai Wai-Yi, Åsa Sonjasdotter, Karin Lorentzen, Janet Laurence