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The Patch Dynamics of Capitalist Asymmetry: Infrastructures, Fantasies ... and Multispecies Worlds.

An informal seminar with James Ferguson

Info about event


Wednesday 25 April 2018,  at 09:15 - 11:30


Moesgård alle 20, 8270 Højbjerg, 4215, 032 (basement)

Time Wednesday 25 April, 9.15-11.30 am.

Place: 4215, 032 (basement meeting room) at Moesgård


If you are interested in the ways in which global asymmetries are made and can be studied, you are invited to this informal seminar debate with Jim Ferguson, a leading anthropologist interested in the way global inequalities are made in Africa and elsewhere.  The seminar - which stands in for the regular AURA Lab meeting in late April - will be a chance to explore the work of Jim Ferguson in general as well as its intersections with the study of multi-species worlds.  


The seminar is open to all.  


Required readings for the seminar is:


Ferguson, James. 2006.  Chapter 8, “Governing Extraction” in Global Shadows. Africa in the Neoliberal World Order. Durham: Duke University, page 194-208.


Appel, Hannah. 2012. Offshore Work: Oil, Modularity, and the How of Capitalism in Equatorial Guinea. American Ethnologist 39 (4):692-709.


Please write to Mia (korsbaek@cas.au.dk) to get the readings. 



Free coffee, fruits and Danishes will be available.



Please sign up before April 23 on the following doodle:https://doodle.com/poll/srxvtdhqg2xvp46p