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John Law Event

Workshop at Moesgård for AURA team members

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Saturday 30 May 2015,  at 12:52 - 14:52



Workshop with John Law based on the discussion of two of his articles.

1. The first, "A Correlative STS: Lessons from a Chinese medical practice," is a co-authored piece that John suggested. It emerges from a collaboration between John and Wen-yuan Lin, an STS scholar in Taiwan. The piece, which draws on Viveiros de Castro's work, struggles with questions of how to build forms of STS that focus on how "Western" and "Other" knowledges intersect and remake each other.

 2. The second article, a piece from 1986, shows an entirely different type of STS analysis of colonialism and power. It focuses on the technologies of Portuguese imperialism and colonial control.