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AURA Opening

Welcome to the Anthropocene, that epoch in which human disturbance of the earth’s environment exceeds even that of glaciers. Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene (AURA) brings together the arts and the sciences to ask what kinds of life we find on human-disturbed landscapes. Our opening conference explores what is possible across species—and across disciplinary divides.

2013.10.31 | Ulrik Vosgerau

Date Wed 06 Nov
Time 11:20 15:00
Location Building 1441, Room 012 (formerly the Theology Auditorium)

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Keynote speakers are:

03:20: Bjarke Paarup, Head of Department of Culture and Society. 
09:40: Anna Tsing, Aarhus University & University of California. 
30:01: Marianne Lien, University of Oslo.
01:13:20: Jens-Christian Svenning, Aarhus University. 
02:05:44: Kirsten Hastrup, University of Copenhagen.




11.20 Welcome

11.30 AURA’s Openings
ANNA TSING, Aarhus University & University of California

11.50 Salmon Multiple: Creating Dialogue Across Disciplinary Boundaries
MARIANNE LIEN, University of Oslo

12.30 Lunch and Reception for all participants

13.30 Biodiversity in a World of Human Dominance and Rapid Change:
Anthropocene Challenges and Opportunities

14.10 A World of Walrus: High Arctic Socialities in the Anthropocene
KIRSTEN HASTRUP, University of Copenhagen

All are welcome

Ceremony / Opening, Conference