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Discovering the Potential of Unintentional Design on Anthropogenic Landscapes.

  • Niels Bohr Professorship and Project


The Anthropocene is a new geologic epoch, defined by unprecedented human disturbance of the earth’s ecosystems. Applying insights and methods from anthropology, biology and philosophy Aarhus University Research on The Anthropocene (AURA) aims to open up a novel and truly trans-disciplinary field of research into the Anthropocene which is needed to understand the kinds of lives that are made and the futures that are possible in the ruined, re-wilded, and unintended landscapes of the Anthropocene.


Nils Ole Bubandt
Professor with Special Responsiblities

Phone: +45 8716 2116

Anna Tsing

Phone: +45 8716 2889

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natursyn P1

2014.10.06 | Media coverage

Natursyn: Empatiens sorte side. Interview med Nils Bubandt og Rane Willerslev i P1

Engang troede vi, at kun mennesker viser empati. Vi tog fejl: Dyr kan også være empatiske. Engang troede vi at empati kun var smuk og positiv. Vi tog fejl: mennesker kan skade andre når de udøver "taktisk empati". Også taktisk empati har antagelig sine rødder i dyreriget. Hør Rane Willerslev og Nils Bubandt i P1 Natursyn.

2014.09.30 | Media coverage

AURA Post.doc Meredith Root-Bernstein in the New York Times

AURA Post.doc in Bioscience Meredith Root-Bernstein was recently quoted in an article in the New York Times about Chilean wildlife problems

Conference programme

2014.05.23 | Media coverage

Article from the Anthropocene Conference in Santa Cruz, May 8-10, 2014

The Anthropocene Conference in Santa Cruz that was a joint project between AURA and UCSC was a big success. Read the article about the event in the Santa Cruz Sentinel here.

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Mon 27 Oct
13:00-16:00 | Moesgård Museum, Moesgård Alle 15, 8270 Højbjerg, Conference room 301.
Lecture by Noboru Ishikawa: Anthropogenic Tropical Forests: Human-Nature Interactions of the Riverine Societies in Sarawak, Malaysia
Professor of Social Anthropology at Center for Southeast Asian Studies Kyoto University Noboru Ishikawa will be giving a lecture on his work on human-nature interactions.
Thu 30 Oct
10:00-17:00 | Building 1441, room 012
Open Lecture with Donna Haraway and Scott Gilbert
AURA has invited Donna Haraway (UCSC) and Scott Gilbert (Swarthmore) to come and give an Open Lecture on October 30, 2014. Their research adresses core Anthropocene dilemmas.

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