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Slow seminar no. 24

Combined Slow seminar and fieldtrip to Mols

2016.06.28 | Mia Korsbæk

Date Mon 08 Aug
Time 09:00 15:30
Location Secret Hotel, Provstskovvej 9, Bogens, 8400 Ebeltoft.

For this Slow seminar we have kindly been invited to join Secret Hotel at their residency center in Mols, National Park Mols Bjerge, Eastern Jutland. Secret Hotel was founded in 1999 as a theatre company, and is led by director and dramaturg Christine Fentz (MA, Aarhus University). These years work happens under the headline "Landscape Dialogues", investigating the intersection of participatory art expressions, sustainable approaches and landscapes, in interdisciplinary meetings. Secret Hotel and Aarhus University are preparing a conference in autumn 2017 on art and the anthropocene. Read more about Secret Hotel and its residency center here: http://www.secrethotel.dk/en/secret-hotel/


The seminar will be a discussion of ecologist James Estes' new book, Serendipity: an ecologist's quest to understand nature(University of California Press, 2016).  

Estes is a practicing biologist who describes his work as follows on his professional web page: Our group is interested in the ecology of coastal marine communities, particularly the influences of vertebrate consumers on benthic community structure. Most of our field research has focused on the sea otter in the northeastern Pacific Ocean. We have ongoing research projects in the Aleutian Islands, central California, the Channel Islands, and New Zealand. The central theme of all these studies is to identify the important high-trophic-level consumers and their influences on the organization of the communities within which they live. We are also interested in marine plant- herbivore interactions, the behavioral ecology of marine vertebrates, and the evolution of marine living in mammals.


Serendipity has been ordered to Stakbogladen (Campus bookstore) where it should be available from July 7. The bookstore has notified us that they will be closed for 2 weeks (July 11-24), so please pick it up next week if you want to start reading it soon.


The book appears to be written for a larger audience of those interested in marine ecological issues.  The prose looks inviting, and I am looking forward to reading it.  I hope it will form an enjoyable as well as informative text for your summer reading.  Biologists, anthropologists, artists, and all: we hope you will come.  


The plan for the day is the following:

  • There will be joint transport (for those of you who want) from Moesgård/Campus pick up place (TBA) at 9.00/9.20 with arrival at Mols 10.00
  • At Secret Hotel we will have a three hours Slow Seminar with locally produced food and an hour of landscape interacting in the beautiful surroundings of Mols led by Christine from Secret Hotel.
  • We will leave Mols at 14.30 and be back in Aarhus around 15.30.


Remember to bring suitable clothes for the outdoor activity.


I'm excited that this field trip/ seminar combination will be happening this summer.








NB: Please do sign up before August 2, if you are interested in joining us. Would you also let Mia know if you want to come in our joint transport or if you will be going on your own to Mols. If you go on your own, the address of Secret Hotel is Provstskovvej 9, Bogens, 8400 Ebeltoft. (Christine: If your gps does not lead you via Femmøller/Lyngsbæk Strand, its wrong, and you must use what we did before gps, to find here...)