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Anna Tsing

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Nils Bubandt

Naturen er død: Jorden er på vej ind i en ny tidsalder

Natursyn: Den fortryllede gris:

TV: Sådan bliver den nye tidsalder

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Jyllandsposten: Mennesket overtager Jordens natur, 29.01.2015


Jens-Christian Svenning:

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DR Viden: Global opvarmning giver tropiske planter ny adresse:






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More than Human: AURA Working Papers vol. 1+2

AURA har i 2014 publiceret to AURA Working Papers i samarbejde med bl.a. Oslo Universitet (OA). De kan læses online:


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Accepted abstract for publication

  1. Swanson, Heather, Tsing, Anna and Bubandt, Nils: “Words and worlds in Anthropocene scholarship” in a special 2015 “Anthropocene” volume of the journal Environment and Society: Advances and Research.