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2016.02.15 | Seminar

AURA in transdisciplinary collaboration.

Anthropocene Campus: The Technosphere Issue from April 14-22, 2016. How do social, human and technological infrastructures operate within the Anthropocene, the geological age of humans?

2016.02.10 | Media coverage

Udstilling i AOA

2016.02.05 | Media coverage

Mild Apokalypse omtales i Århus Onsdag

Læs omtalen i Århus Onsdag nedenfor.

2016.01.26 | Lecture/talk

Mild Apokalypse

Anthropocene udstilling på Moesgård Museum 4 Februar

2015.09.30 | Media coverage

Climate Change and Tropical Mountains: Vegetation Migrates Upslope

Nature World News - article

2015.09.30 | Media coverage

Global opvarmning giver tropiske planter ny adresse klima og miljø

2015.09.17 | Media coverage

5 star review of DUMP in Stiften

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Previous events

Tue 21 Jun
12:00-15:30 | Old library at the Moesgård Mansion. Moesgård Allé 20, 8270 Højbjerg
Slow seminar no. 23
At this seminar we will be discussing two works by leading philosopher of science Isabelle Stengers
Sat 04 Jun
10:00-16:51 |
Trip to Søby with Bruno Latour and Isabelle Stengers (AURA group only)
Bruno Latour will be joining AURA on a fieldtrip to Søby during his visit
Fri 03 Jun
10:00-17:00 | Moesgård museum
Bruno Latour visit
AURA seminar with Bruno Latour (AURA group only)
Fri 20 May
14:00-16:00 | Department of Bioscience, Ny Munkegade 114, 8000 Aarhus C. Building 1540, room K33 (in the basement).
Wild Life: Landscape encounters and paranoid politics in Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Reserve
Presentation by Micha Rahder, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Louisiana State University.
Fri 20 May
10:00-16:48 |
Trip to Søby with Kenneth Olwig (AURA group only)
As a follow up on the Landscape seminar, AURA members will be making a trip to Søby with Landscape geographer Kenneth Olwig
Thu 19 May
09:30-12:00 | The Lecture Hall (4206, 139), Moesgård Alle 20, 8270 Højbjerg
The Wilds of Jutland: Perspectives on the Danish Landscape
Join AURA and 3 invited guests for a transdisciplinary seminar on Danish Landscapes
Mon 16 May
13:00-14:30 | B600 (6th floor, building B, Stockholm University)
Open seminar: Stone Crazy in the Anthropocene. Indonesian Dreams of Wealth and the Magic of Geology
Presentation by Nils Bubandt
Mon 09 May
16:45-19:30 | Bioscience, building 1540, room K33 (in the basement). Ny Munkegade 114, 8000 Aarhus
Slow seminar no. 22
Discussion of the book "The Back of the Turtle" by Thomas King
Mon 25 Apr
10:20-12:20 | Oslo
Climate Change and Capitalism: Inequality and Justice in an Overheated World
Workshop at Oslo University. Invited talk by Anna Tsing
Mon 18 Apr
16:45-19:30 | Department of Bioscience in building 1540, room K33 (in the basement)
Slow seminar no. 21
Coevolution of Life on Hosts: Integrating Ecology and History

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