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2018.05.03 | People

Visiting PhD fellow

Toby Neilson from University of Glasgow is currently visiting AURA

2018.04.17 | Publication

Special Spring Gift: Latour, Stengers, Tsing!

In a roundtable discussion entitled “Anthropologists Are Talking … about Capitalism, Ecology, Apocalypse”, Bruno Latour, Isabelle Stengers, and Anna Tsing discuss questions about capitalism, environment and subjectivity in the Anthropocene with Nils Bubandt.

2018.04.17 | Media coverage

"Feral Dynamics" by Guest Editors Anna Tsing and Nils Bubandt.

Special AURA section in Journal of Ethnobiology Volume 38, Number 1, 2018

2018.04.17 | People

New visiting PhD student

Kirsten Keller from UCSC is visiting AURA until July

2018.03.02 | People

New AURA post.doc

Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen will start working with AURA March 1, 2018

2018.02.28 | People

New scientific assistant at AURA

Rachel Cypher will start her position March 1, 2018.

2018.01.15 | Media coverage

Magisk Tænkning

Interview med Nils Bubandt i Weeekendavisen

2018.01.08 | Grants

Carlsberg Grant to AURA researcher

Heather Anne Swanson has been awarded a Carlsberg Foundation Distinguished Associate Professor Fellowship

2017.11.30 | Media coverage

Naturen kæmper for sin ret

Artikel om det antropocæne og AURA med Jens-Christian Svenning og Nils Bubandt

2017.11.22 | Media coverage

Menneskets tidsalder

Nils Bubandt i interview på “Brinkman på P1: Menneskets Tidsalder” onsdag 22. november kl. 13.30. Se mere om indslaget og hent podcasten

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