Mild Apocalypse (2016)

Mild Apocalypse - Research based Exhibition at Moesgård Museum

Nathalia Brichet (AURA), Felix Riede (C3NET) and Frida Hastrup (University of Copenhagen) are the curators of this new exhibition at Moesgård Museum that explores the human-shaped landscape of the former brown coal extraction site at Søby where AURA's fieldstation is based. New life in various forms emerges in this Anthropocene landscape.

Photos from AURA's team member's fieldwork sites at other ruined landscapes are also displayed. Featured  among others are mud volcanoes from Indonesia, water projects in South Africa, steel mills in China, mining in Spain etc.

The exhibition has received good publicity in the Danish press and had a very well attended reception on its opening day February 4th. It will run until June 4th, so if you didn't see it yet, there is still time.                                                                                              

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Photos from the exhibition at Moesgård Museum (photos by Iga Kuriata)

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