Slow Seminar no. 11: Oliver Rackham

At this Slow Seminar we will be discussing the book "Woodlands".

2014.11.10 | Mia Korsbæk

Date Thu 06 Nov
Time 14:00 17:00
Location Building 1451, room 515

We will be discussing the book Woodlands by Oliver Rackham (2006), which is now available in Stakbogladen.

Note to the book:

Although Rackham has written a thick book, it is quick to read and made of many short chapters.  If you have limited time, please at least read the first six chapters (and, then, if you can, the last six, 17-22).  However, participants in the AURA Brown Coal Beds research, especially those who grew up outside northern Europe, should read the whole book if at all possible.  It will be helpful.  

And Danish biologists: would you be willing to come prepared to help the group move from Rackham’s UK material into the Danish landscape?