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Wed 15 Apr
11:56-11:56 | Exeter
“In the midst of disturbance: symbiosis, coordination, history, landscape,”
Raymond Firth lecture by Anna Tsing, Association of Social Anthropologists, Exeter.
Tue 14 Apr
11:43-13:43 | Rome
Dark horses and black panthers - ecological and conservation perspectives on dark megafaunal diversity
Presentation by Jens-Christian Svenning at the 13th Congress, European Ecological Foundation, Rome, 2015
Wed 01 Apr
13:59-13:59 | New York
“The mushroom at the end of the world, or how capitalism is fed,”
Annette Weiner lecture by Anna Tsing, New York University
Fri 13 Mar
11:14-13:14 | Bergen
Biodiversity in a World of Human Dominance and Rapid Change – Anthropocene Challenges and Opportunities
Invited talk by Jens-Christian Svenning. 2nd Conference of the Norwegian Ecological Society, Bergen.
Wed 11 Mar
11:19-13:19 | Cambridge
Biodiversity in a World of Human Dominance and Rapid Change – Anthropocene Challenges and Opportunities
Talk by Jens-Christian Svenning at Cambridge Conservation Seminars, Cambridge, 2015
Fri 06 Mar
11:35-13:35 | Osaka
“More-than-Human Relations in the Making of Difference: Salmon fisheries management in Japan and the United States
Invited talk by Heather Swanson at Politics of Environmental Knowledge: Encounters between, Indigeneity and Modernity, Osaka, Japan, March 6-7, 2015
Tue 03 Feb
13:03-14:03 | London
Feral biologies"
Feral biologies,” invited talk by Anna Tsing at “Anthropological Visions of Sustainable Futures” conference, London.
Thu 01 Jan
12:06-14:06 | Copenhagen University
“Stitching together heterogeneous data worlds: AURA,”
Invited talk by Anna Tsing, University of Copenhagen workshop, January 2015.
Fri 12 Sep
12:00-13:00 | Auditorium of the Bioinformatics Research Centre, building 1110
Human Evolution Lecture Lunch: Rewilding with Homo sapiens?
On September 12, Dr. Meredith Root-Bernstein (Ecoinformatics and Biodiversity group, Aarhus University) will deliver the talk "Rewilding with Homo sapiens?"
Fri 27 Jun
09:30-21:30 | Alsion SDU Campus, Auditorium U109, Sønderborg, Denmark
“Critical technology trends and what they mean for us"
An interdisciplinary workshop seeking to make sense of our rapidly changing world.

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